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Christ Church is not interested in implementing new ways to “do church” or in exploring innovative methods for becoming “relevant” in our consumer culture. Rather, Christ Church represents a return to the biblical theology and priorities that God Himself designed to cultivate spiritual health and holiness in the lives of both individual believers and the local church. The biblical priorities that we embrace include in the following:

Preach the Word - The focus of each worship service, educational class, and small group meeting is the sound and effective teaching of God’s Word…biblically grounded, theologically informed, expositionally developed, graciously expressed, and practically applied.

Praise God with meaningful worship - We stress the importance of joyously responding to God through corporate worship; the blending of theology and doxology, reflection and praise…leading people to an authentic, personal, and wholesome encounter with the living God.

Pursue and affirm truth - We believe that a growing relationship with Jesus Christ will naturally result in a passion for truth as both taught and lived…lives marked by integrity, humility, maturity, honesty, compassion, stability, and security; graciously commending and defending truth.

Prepare believers to think and live Christianly - We desire to see every person grow in the knowledge and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ…lives intimately connected with the Lord through prayer and praise; a coherent and integrated Christian worldview that values the unseen and eternal more than the seen and temporal; an ability to effectively apply an informed and sensitive Christian mind to questions of moral choice and issues of daily living; members of a warm and loving community actively practicing genuine thoughtfulness, kindness, tenderness, generosity, courtesy, forgiveness, graciousness, encouragement, and appreciation.

Present our very best to the glory of God - We live by faith and entrust God with our plans…our time, talents, and treasures are acknowledged as gifts from God and returned to Him with thankfulness, cheerfulness, and generosity; reflecting the infinite excellence of the God we love and serve, we pursue excellence in everything we do.

Permeate a needy world with the Gospel - We are Kingdom-minded, concerned for the spiritual and social needs of our community and the world, and resolved to make Christ known to all persons everywhere…we recognize that the Church has at its heart world evangelism; we live out the transformational power of the Gospel and proclaim the Good News of God’s love and forgiveness to everyone, making disciples, baptizing, and teaching all peoples; we afford priority to the task of reaching the lost with the Gospel and give evidence of this through our prayers, planning, training, outreach, missions, and funding.

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