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There are many churches in the Bay Area from which to choose for the purposes of worship, instruction, and investigating the Christian faith. So why consider Christ Church? Precisely because we affirm a number of core commitments that serve as our distinctives; those enduring principles that shape our identity as a church, principles grounded in what the Church of Jesus Christ has ever taught, believed and confessed on the basis of the Word of God.

Confessional: We are a community of Christians shaped by our commitment to Christ and the life of the church, and we are passionately committed to the great tradition of historic orthodox Christianity.

Evangelical: We are committed to glorifying God in every aspect of our individual and church life. As evangelicals, we are Gospel people and Bible people, and believe in the total truthfulness of Holy Scripture. We are committed to the central doctrine of justification by grace, through faith and repentance, based upon the blood of Christ shed on our behalf at Calvary.

Covenantal: We are committed to the biblical standards of love, grace, forgiveness, unity and mutual accountability, and we covenant to pray for ourselves and one another, and to encourage one another in the disciplines of Christian living so that we may each progress to full maturity in Jesus Christ.

Congregational: We believe that, under Christ and in conformity with the Bible, the congregation is the ultimate seat of human authority in the local church. We believe in the plurality and accountability of church leadership, and joyfully accept and embrace our leaders as gifts from God to His church.

Relational: We believe that we are made expressly to be in a relationship with God and to recognize Jesus of Nazareth as our Lord and Savior. We strive to bring God glory through singing and praying together, hearing His Word preached, loving Him, and loving one another.

Interdenominational: We represent a broad range of people, from a broad array of faith and secular backgrounds, including families with young and grown children, students, retirees, locals, young professionals, internationals, unmarried singles, and others. There is a place for everyone, across all ages, occupations, life stages, and backgrounds at Christ Church.

Reformational: We celebrate the great principles that marked the renewal of the church in the sixteenth century: the importance of preaching in worship, the sovereignty of God in creation and redemption, the priesthood of all believers, and the centrality of the Gospel in the life of the church.

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